Bandouba is a young tango orchestra and collective, dedicated to the Argentine tango tradition and music of the “orquesta tipica” of the 1930s and 40s, as well as the entire century of tango history which has happened ever since. They have formed a repertoire ranging from the “golden age of tango”, which had filled the old dance halls, to Astor Piazzolla’s tango nuevo, as well as tango music from the 21st century written by living composers.

Their lineup resembles a hybrid between the big orchestras of Buenos Aires and the common Piazzolla quintet, and combines the musical aspects of both. Being able to switch between a large orchestral sound, and a more compact style which resembles chamber music, they manage to form a vast spectrum of sonic possibilities. The members also benefit from their experiences playing in duos, trios and quartets, as well as some lessons from Argentine tango masters during their studies in Graz, Austria. Years of experience playing concerts and milongas (dance events for tango dancers) have led to a deep connection to tango music.

Just like in the old days, Bandouba only plays their own arrangements and compositions. With an intent to not just reproduce already existing work, but continuing the legacy of tango music, they play old and new tangos in their own style, influenced by not only contemporary tango composers such as Diego Schissi, Julián Peralta and Alejandro Schwarz, but also jazz, pop and electronic music.

One of their innovations is the use of the tuba in a modern tango context, not just as a double bass replacement, but as an independant bass instruments, which contributes to their unique sound. Florian Büchele, Alex Hermann and Tobias Kochseder have worked together to shed a new light on an instrument that is often underestimated. Together with the piano and guitar, it lays the rhythmic and harmonic groundwork for the ensemble.

¿Dónde estará mi arrabal?

(Where is my suburb/home?)

¿Quién se robó mi niñez?

(Who stole my childhood?)

– Tinta Roja (1941. Music: Cátulo Castillo, Text: Sebastian Piana)

The sung tango is also a central part of the Bandouba repertoire. The combination of melancholic poetry full of themes of lost love and nostalgia, and the energetic rhythms of the music form a duality that is quite unique to tango music. This repertoire is supplemented with individual pop songs and oldies, which at first glance seem to belong to a completely different world, but are thematically quite close.


Tobias Kochseder: bandoneon, arrangements
Eduardo Antiao: violoncello
Christine Rainer: vocals, violin
Alex Hermann: tuba
Christine Moik: vocals, violin
Žan Milošič: piano
Oskar Longyka: violin
Florian Büchele: tuba
Wolfram Freysmuth: violin, saxophone
Jure Podvratnik: guitar


photos: ©Nico Kaiser/International Accordion Festival Vienna 2024
portraits “Members” (except Hermann, Freysmuth): ©Tobias Kochseder