Tobias Kochseder


Accordionist, bandoneonist, composer and arranger Tobias Kochseder is an active artist based in Graz, Austria, whose career spans a large number of different styles of music. In an effort to become a proficient „all-round“ musician, he has taken on a diverse number of roles and has found success with various projects, proving his virtuosity, musicality and showmanship as sideman, soloist, as well as artistic leader of his own groups.

Current Dates


Portes de Fer


Rainer & Kochseder



A few mistakes ago – Mistakes were made
Kunstuniversität Graz – Sounds of… Musik aus den Welten unserer Studierenden
Coin Op. Studios – Context Sensitive
Coin Op. Studios – Halls of Crimson and Shadow
Mladi Raziskovalci V. — Oskar Longyka — κ​α​λ​ό​ς